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▲Specialized in Sewage and SludgeDewatering &Strive to Achieve Customer Satisfaction▲ Guangzhou Meibang environmental specialized in belt filter press sludge dewatering machine, to provide users with professional solid-liquid separation method, as well as slurry dewatering solutions. MeiBang brand belt filter press is widely used in: printing and dyeing sludge dewatering, electroplating sludge dewatering, municipal sludge dewatering, papermaking waste water treatment, leather sludge, lees dehydration, food dregs dewatering, sludge dewatering coal washing, petrochemicals sludge dewatering, sludge dewatering chemical, ceramic ma...


  • Pig Manure Dewatering Video

    Pig Manure Dewatering Video

  • Cassava Residue Dewatering Video(2)

    Cassava Residue Dewatering Video(2)

  • MeiZhou Iron Ore Sludge Dewatering Video

    MeiZhou Iron Ore Sludge Dewatering Video

  • Grain Stillage Residue Dewatering Video

    Grain Stillage Residue Dewatering Video


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