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▲Rooted Dehydration Technology Fields and Strive to Achieve Customer Satisfaction ▲ Guangzhou MeiBang environmental professional manufacturing belt filter press sludge dewatering machine, presses, to provide users with professional integration of solid-liquid separation technology solutions, as well as the integration of slurry dewatering system solutions. MeiBang brand belt filter press is widely used in: printing and dyeing sludge dewatering, electroplating sludge dewatering, municipal sludge dewatering, papermaking waste water treatment, leather sludge, lees dehydration, food dregs dewatering, sludge dewatering coal washing, petroc...


  • Pig Manure Dewatering Video

    Pig Manure Dewatering Video

  • Cassava Residue Dewatering Video(2)

    Cassava Residue Dewatering Video(2)

  • MeiZhou Iron Ore Sludge Dewatering Video

    MeiZhou Iron Ore Sludge Dewatering Video

  • Grain Stillage Residue Dewatering Video

    Grain Stillage Residue Dewatering Video


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