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Stainless Steel Sludge Dewatering Belt Press Machine

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Stainless Steel Sludge Dewatering Belt Press Machine

Sludge Dwatering Belt Press Machine
DYQ1—3WP1, advanced structure, simple operation,full autormatic driverless system, be fit for dealing with high concentrations of industrial sludge and city sludge.

The types, size and specification of Heavy Belt Sludge Filter Press Machine
Our machine has won the trust and high appraisal of the broad customers.
Following are some pictures of our machine sales to Indonesia.


Sludge dewatering for industries of ceramic, metallurgy, coal wash, textil&dyeing, city sewage, papermill, 
electroplate, petrochemical, leather distillery, food processing, chemical, medicine, etc.

1. City sewage treatment sludge
2. Water treatment sludge
3. Household waste water treatment sludge
4. Excrement treatment sludge
5. Butchery waste water treatment sludge
6. Paper/pulp sludge
7. Processed marine sludge
8. Chemical sludge
9. Mountain waste water sludge
10. Food processing sludge

MeiBang mission, vision and values:
    Mission: to help customers solve their material sludge dewatering problems;
    Vision: Achieving Global Chinese belt filter press dewatering depth first brand;
    Values: integrity, innovation, respect, gratitude;
    Our team: call at any instant, to war, war to win, battle with me, with my win!
    Our style: humble, professional, act now!
    Our status: sunshine, handsome, happy to fight!
    Welcome to come to visit our factory, you can also bring the sludge, sewage plant slag samples and have a free test in our factory. We can take you to visit the customer site, pack your satisfaction.
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