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Sand field mud treatment case

2018-10-24 18:50:52

How to solve mud in sand field?Wash sand mud dehydrator with Meibang brand filter press machine!High capacity, low water content after dehydration, easy to manage, easy to maintain, low energy consumption, long service life, simple operation, no manual supervision, 24 hours of continuous operation.


Use locationHunan

Machine type used: DYQ3000WP1FZ heavy- split-type

The following are pictures of equipment operation site

洗沙泥浆处理 (6)-min.JPG

The mud pumps the flocculated mud into the Distributing device

洗沙泥浆处理 (7)-min.JPGThe Distributing device rotates to distribute the mud evenly over the strainer

洗沙泥浆处理 (4)-min.jpg

The mud begins to enter the gravity dehydration section for gravity dehydration

洗沙泥浆处理 (9)-min.jpg

According to the mud property, there will be 1 or 2 mud scraping devices in the gravity dewatering section. The mud scraping device will scrape the mud out of one path to improve the effect of gravity dewatering

洗沙泥浆处理 (8)-min.jpg

The path scraped by the mud is easy to remove free water from the mud and reduce the flow of the mud

洗沙泥浆处理 (12)-min.jpg

The mud becomes viscous and ready to enter the mechanical filter dewatering section

洗沙泥浆处理 (10)-min.jpg

The mud begins to enter the mechanical dehydration section

洗沙泥浆处理 (14)-min.jpg

The front gravity dewatering effect is very good, and the filter cake from the mechanical dewatering section will be thick and efficient.

洗沙泥浆处理 (3)-min.jpg

Pressing the mud with a mesh belt to pressurize and dewater the pressure

The mechanical dehydration section squeezes the water out of the mud to produce a filter cake with low moisture content

A large amount of water from the underside of the mechanical dehydration section is pumped into the reservoir

洗沙泥浆处理 (11)-min.jpg

The mud-cake is thick and the dehydration efficiency is high

洗沙泥浆处理 (15)-min.jpg

Mud-cake bulk, thick, low moisture content

Huge capacitylow moisture content

Technical parameters:

Item NO. :DYQ3000NP-FZ

main motor power: 5.5kw

Thickener power: 3.0kw

Sets of power:25kw

Belt width:3000mm

Specifications: length: 12.3 m, width: 3.5 m, height: 2.3 m

Capacity: 30-120 m3 / h

Equipment operation method: automation does not require manual operation

Machine weight: about 13 tons


1. Automatic control and 24 hours continuous operation;

2. Large processing capacity, high dehydration efficiency and high solid content of filter cake;

3. Low noise and low vibration;

4. Easy to manage and maintain;

5. Low energy consumption and long service life;

6. Smooth operation, safe and reliable


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