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Jiangsu Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Chinese Medicine Dregs Dehydration

2018-10-24 18:51:09

        In China, 700,000 tons of medicinal materials are used every year for pharmaceuticals, resulting in drug residues of up to several million tons of dregs. Dregs treatment has become a difficult problem in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, the state has paid more and more attention to environmental protection, and the environmental protection department has increased the supervision of pharmaceutical factories. Solving the problem of Chinese medicine residue treatment has become a top priority.

        Guangdong Meibang Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. specially designed a traditional Chinese medicine slag dewatering machine with 3-5 sets of rolls according to the nature of traditional Chinese medicine slag. The strong pressure on the roller was used to dehydrate the traditional Chinese medicine residue and reduce its water content. It is convenient for the subsequent Chinese medicine slag to be dried, made into combustible particles, and burned to generate electricity.

Use location: Jiangsu

Equipment name: DYQ2000P3 powerful pair of roller press dewatering machine


Working principle of roller type press dehydrator:

1. Untreated dregs are piled on the ground for dehydration

2. The forklift shovels the Chinese medicine residue into the large hopper. The large hopper puts the material into the hopper of the dehydrator through the conveyor belt. The artificial strength is low, convenient and fast.

3. Subsequently, the traditional Chinese medicine slag is entangled into the mechanical extrusion by the filter screen, and the filter cake is discharged after being dehydrated by three groups of strong press rolls.

4. The discharged filter cake enters the conveyor belt and is transported to the place where it is stacked, which is convenient for packing and transportation.

5, the discharge of the filter cake is much lower than before the dehydration, the most intuitive feeling is that the hand can not grasp the water


Technical Parameters:

Model: DYQ2000P3

Machine power: 21kw

Host power: 11kw

Handling capacity: 6 cubic meters / hour

Dimensions: length 4.5 meters wide 2.8 meters high 2.45 meters

Total machine: 9 tons

Equipment operation mode: automation, no manual operation required



1. It can work continuously for a long time, with low labor intensity and low cost;

2. The treatment volume is large, the dehydration efficiency is high, and the moisture content of the filter cake is low;

3, high efficiency pneumatic correction, effectively prevent the filter from running off;

4. Easy management and simple maintenance;

5, low energy consumption, service life of up to 8-10 years;

6, using advanced frequency control to effectively control the processing speed


Quality assurance:

1. The main body part is made of high quality stainless steel, including large sieve roller, waterproof cover, nozzle, water tank and fender.

2. The main frame is welded with high-quality carbon steel. The surface is treated with high-strength anti-corrosion paint. The bottom layer is sprayed with epoxy-rich zinc paint, the middle layer is sprayed with epoxy cloud iron paint, and the surface layer is sprayed with fluorocarbon paint. Paint, a total of four spray paint, acid, alkali and anti-rust ability can reach more than 10 years.

3. The bearing seat is sealed with high-quality iron and iron. The bearing is a double-row roller Dalian metallurgical bearing, which has better bearing strength and wear resistance than single-row roller bearing. The pressure roller, guide roller and transmission roller are high-quality seamless tubes and are covered with high-quality wear-resistant rubber for three years.

4. Different filter screens are selected according to different material characteristics. This machine adopts high-quality filter screen with strong toughness, good water permeability, smooth surface, not easy to be plugged, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and easy to fold.


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