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Cassava residue dehydration in Indonesia

2018-10-24 18:52:05

Guangdong Meibang Environmental Protection Equipment Co., LTD. in cassava dregs dewatering studies have been more than three years, has for several well-known domestic starch enterprises, and in January 2016 successfully developed the most advanced cassava dregs dewatering machine, has been in domestic and foreign many companies put into operation, the effect is good, praised by customers, our equipment out of the filter press cake moisture content is low, lower equipment operating costs, processing capacity, 24 hours of continuous operation, corrosion resistance.


Main technical parameters:

1. Model: DYQ1000P3-2000

2. Throughput(m3 /h)  3-6

3. Filter belt width (mm) 1000-2000

4. Power(KW) 15-21

5. Dimensions: 4.5m long, 1.9m wide to 2.9m wide and 2.4m high. The dimensions of the model can be customized according to the customer's requirements

6. Moisture content: 45% to 55%


Powerful heavy cassava residue dewatering machine of advantages

1. Using a unique international design and manufacture of the most advanced dehydration process, dehydrated higher than other similar products, the cake moisture content of about 55% out of the filter press cake can be directly due to very low water content and transport and sales, and reduce the late drying energy consumption, which greatly improve the economic benefits of customers.


2. Unique feeding system process, can be adjusted according to customer status dilute thick puree of cassava residue, which greatly improved feed processing capacity, cassava puree evenly cover the entire filter, and self-regulating material thickness, Meibang licensing cassava slag dehydration cassava puree can direct dehydration, does not require legislation sieve, thereby reducing equipment investment clients.

12.jpg3. Advanced pressure filtration systems do not run material, mesh belt does not go astray, low power consumption, press out the dry material can be uniformly covered with mesh belt, high efficiency equipment, and greatly increased production dehydration machines, for customers to create more benefit.

木薯-(7).jpg4. Cassava dryer adopts reinforced structure design in great quantities, the use of dynamic system, bearings, steel, stainless steel plate, pneumatic components are of high quality famous brand product, frame for high quality thick square steel manufacture and shot peening and fluorocarbon PO anti-corrosion treatment, mesh belt use unique never running deviation control system, reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, low failure rate.


5. Our company abides by the after-sales service guarantee commitment to the customers across the country, guarantee the long-term normal production of customers, free replacement of spare parts for non-human factors within one year, supply spare parts at cost after one year, and provide high-quality after-sales guarantee service for years.


At present, the new cassava slag dewatering machine initiated by us in China has been accepted by more and more enterprises due to its advantages of high capacity for continuous operation, low operation cost, low water content of filter cake, and convenient operation and maintenance. Many manufacturers have purchased our products after the on-site inspection of our filter press operation.Guangdong meibang environmental protection equipment co., ltd. has the experience of cooperating with many enterprises. In recent years, we have cooperated with many domestic cassava processing enterprises to conduct in-depth research and scientific experiments on the mechanical filtration dehydration of cassava slag.Due to the particularity of the internal structure and fiber of cassava slag, the application of mechanical dehydration equipment in the dehydration of tapioca slag must be modified in its high, medium and low pressure filter sections to ensure that the cassava slag can be reduced to a low enough moisture content before drying.We would like to work with you to develop the most scientific treatment scheme of tapioca slag filtration and dehydration according to your actual situation.Welcome to visit our manufacturing workshop.

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