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Regular inspection of sludge dewatering plant every month

Date:2018-10-24 18:34:50

Meibang environmental protection To earnestly implement the superior various safety meeting, instruction spirit, will be truly "security is first, prevention first, comprehensive management, the whole advancement of sludge dewatering machine production policy implement, timely discover and solve the safety hidden danger, accident prevention hair, guarantee the safe production of sludge filter press, ensuring the smooth realization of company safety objectives

The environmental protection safety inspection system of Meibang is expected to be fully implemented:

1. The sludge dewatering plant must implement the regular safety inspection system every month.

The factory's daily safety inspection shall be implemented by the factory's safety supervision department. The company's safety supervision department shall carry out the non-regular inspection system, and inspect the sludge dewatering machine workshop under its jurisdiction once a month, and strengthen the inspection of part of the sludge filter press workshop that is unsafe.Like the paint shop.

2. According to seasonal characteristics, the deputy general manager of the sludge dewatering plant organizes various safety quality inspection activities every season

3. Led by the main leaders of the sludge dewatering machine factory, participated in the work offices of safety supervision department, production dispatch room, technology department, mechanical and electrical department, and comprehensive office, and conducted random inspection of safety quality before and after important holidays.

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