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Which kind of leather sludge dewatering equipment is good

Date:2018-10-24 18:41:18

Leather sludge dewatering machine, leather sludge dewatering equipment, because of its simple can continuous operation, operation management, the accessory equipment is less, so that the investment, labor, energy consumption and maintenance costs are low, has been widely applied in sludge dewatering at home and abroad, in domestic development rapidly, especially in domestic sewage treatment of new urban sewage treatment plants, enterprise at present almost all dewatering equipment adopted belt type sludge dewatering machine.


Leather wastewater is usually salted or soaked with salt by animal skin to make it emollient, lime, meat removal, alkali removal, then tanned with tannin or chromium to soften the fat, and finally dyed and processed into leather. During the whole process of leather manufacturing, salt skin produces waste water of 600-700l per kg.The treatment method of leather waste water: use screening or natural precipitation to remove hair, upper skin meat, skin flakes and precipitates, etc., then mix into domestic sewage and use coagulation precipitation, biological filter or activated sludge for biochemical treatment, and finally settle the sludge, which can be dehydrated with the belt dehydrator produced by our company.


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