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Method of dehydration of beer residue

Date:2018-11-10 16:50:35

Beer residue is what remains when beer is made and can be used to keep poultry.Beer residue dehydrator is a special dewatering equipment developed by guangzhou meibang environmental protection equipment co., LTD. For the separation of beer residue and water.The dehydrator can press the water content of about 85% to the water content of about 55~60%.Brewer's grains dryer USES the strength of roller press dewaterer to dehydration of materials, strength of roller press dewaterer can be widely used in high humidity worse slag dewatering homework before drying of material, such as vinasse, pomace, brewer's grains, cassava dregs, such as dehydration, greatly reduce the burden of dryer, the yield increased significantly, reduce the energy 


Meibang heavy roll slag press heavy roll press

The slag extractor can run reliably for 24 hours.

Continuous production, processing capacity.

Dehydration effect is good, filter cake moisture content is less than 50%.

Low energy consumption and low cost operation.

Advanced structure design, wide application range.

The advanced technology of the control system for speed adjustment and deviation correction ensures long-term stable operation.


Select quality materials and parts processing and manufacturing.

Fully automatic operation, easy operation and maintenance.

Materials are widely used in high humidity drying dehydration before operation, such as grains, potato slag, such as dehydration, can remove 30% or so of the moisture in the material, greatly reduce the burden of drier and yield increased significantly, the amplitude is reduced, energy consumption is dry before indispensable processing equipment, high wet materials after dehydration, the material can be directly into the dry equipment, greatly reduce the energy consumption of drying.


Welcome general merchants take material samples to visit our factory test our factory equipment of dehydration effect (also can be checked or Courier sample materials to our factory, fees shall be borne by our company, which can ensure the timely and accurate material samples can arrived, our technicians will detect the accurate real data report for your reference), Meibang environmental protection are looking forward to your arrival.

Beer slag can be divided into fermented and unfermented beer slag, and the particle size can also be divided into thickness. If the beer slag is not dehydrated and dried in time, it will easily deteriorate, which will affect the profit.The heavy distiller's lees dewatering equipment manufactured by our company is specially designed for the dewatering manufacturer of beer residue, which can guarantee the moisture content of filter cake after dewatering is about 50--55%.



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