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Tailings dewatering technology

Date:2018-10-24 18:44:50

Guangzhou Meibang environmental protection equipment co., LTD. Service project: tailings dewatering equipment, tailings dry stacked, is a company dedicated to the mine tailings dewatering equipment manufacturing, technical research and development of the professional company, the company strong technical force, production testing equipment, research and development of company's latest product DYQ series tailings dehydration unit, has low investment, cover an area of an area small, the characteristics of large quantity, is the first selection of mining enterprises tailings dry line of products.


This process has been successfully used in the tailings dry stacked system. For the dehydration of 85% complete mud tailings, the water content of the product is less than 15%.Tail mud contains less than 25% moisture after dehydration.To achieve the purpose of complete tailings dry discharge, clean water can be recycled, and clean water can also be used as domestic water and clean water.

 罐子 (3).jpg

The utilization of resource development produces two kinds of products: useful high grade enriched products and useless wastes or reexploitables. Except for some minerals such as black mineral iron, manganese, fluorite and quartz, most of them produce a large amount of tailings that need to be stacked and filled after utilization.


Due to some conditions and safety requirements, the original grouting tailings pond stacking plan has high investment, high risk and long construction period.The effective utilization rate of the storage capacity is low, and more importantly, the areas where water resources are scarce and some resources cannot be developed and utilized.In this system, the recovery rate of tailings after dewatering can reach more than 75%.


The desiccant discharge process of tailings has been developed rapidly in recent years, which benefits the country and the people, protects water resources and eliminates safety risks.

As a result of the safety and environmental protection problems caused by mining resource development, tailings dry stacked technology is a reliable guarantee to solve safety and environmental protection. Tailings dry drainage and dehydration can bring back water rate up to 75%, which can better solve the mining development problems in water-scarce areas and reuse water resources.

 河道清淤 (3).jpg

The tailings dry stacked technology can save a lot of investment in tailings ponds, simplify the examination and approval procedures of tailings, and eliminate the hidden danger of dam failure. Therefore, it is imperative to benefit the country and the people.


1. Adopt the technology of tailings dry discharge filling goaf to solve the problems of environmental pollution, safety hazards and large amount of land occupied by traditional tailings discharge tailings

2. After concentrated and dehydrated tailings, dry discharge can not only save the construction cost and routine maintenance cost of traditional tailings ponds, but also make full use of self-flow backwater and greatly save the area and eliminate the safety hazard of tailings ponds.In addition, it can also eliminate the hidden danger of safety in mined-out areas in the process of mining production, save safety input, carry out reclamation for geomorphology recovery, save environmental management funds, be conducive to geological environmental protection and realize waste replacement.

3. The equipment, technology and process used in the tailings dry discharge process are innovative, which opens up a new approach for the comprehensive treatment of tailings stacking and goaf.

4 less investment leads to greater benefits.After calculation, the tailings dry discharge and filling goaf process is adopted to save fixed asset investment, safety management funds, ecological environment management funds, energy conservation and emission reduction and tailings pond maintenance costs.



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