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Method of dehydrating coconut bran

Date:2018-09-29 19:07:20

The dehydrating equipment of coconut bran and dehydrating machine can be used.The moisture content after dehydration is 38.6%. Equipment used for dehydration of coconut bran: coconut bran is the fiber powder of coconut shell, the by-product or waste of coconut after processing, and it is a pure natural organic medium falling off during the processing of coconut shell fiber.The processed coconut bran is very suitable for growing plants and is a popular gardening medium at present.

After removed from the water: 89.4%

After dehydration of our equipment: 38.6%

 椰糠 (3).jpg

Recommended use: three sets of dehydration equipment, 1.5m wide, can effectively reduce water and improve production efficiency.

The coconut powder brick is the coconut fiber powder material produced through high temperature disinfection in the process of extraction of coconut shell fiber.It is a kind of pollution-free, green and environment-friendly, natural and excellent plant culture matrix material, suitable for the soilless cultivation and soil improvement of container seedling, cutting bed, seed accelerating seeding bed and pot.

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The coconut bran is also called the coconut soil, the coconut brick, the coconut powder brick, the coconut bran brick, actually refers to the processing into the piece the coconut bran, is the coconut shell processing and becomes, is the pure natural organic matter medium.The coconut bran is the coconut shell fiber powder, is the processed coconut by-product or waste.It is the processing of coconut shell fiber

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The processed coconut bran is very suitable for growing plants, which is a popular gardening medium at present.After being pressed and dehydrated by the meibang roller press filter, the coconut bran is put into the dryer and dried to make the ground of the coconut bran,Meibang, heavy on the roller press dewaterer materials are widely used in high humidity drying dehydration before operation, such as the scum dewatering, tapioca residue dehydration, soil bean dregs dehydration, dehydration, food of bean curd residue dehydration dehydration, dehydration, water chestnut, tea slag slag wood slag dewatering, paper sludge dehydration, duckweed, beer sludge dehydration, liquid dehydration, etc in dross dehydration.It can eliminate about 30% moisture in materials, greatly reduce the burden of drying machine, greatly increase output, and reduce energy consumption. It is an essential treatment equipment before drying of high wet materials. After dehydration, materials can directly enter the drying equipment, greatly reducing drying energy consumption.

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Our services:

Production of ordinary carbon steel, 304#, or 316# stainless steel equipment according to the actual requirements of customers, free of charge to design the dehydration process of the entire production line, the renovation of the old production line, equipment maintenance, network belt replacement and other services.

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