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Papermaking sludge treatment equipment

Date:2018-10-24 18:46:10

In recent years, with the rapid development of the paper industry, enterprises pay more and more attention to wastewater treatment while creating profits.After sewage treatment, the papermaking sludge can only be thrown away. If the papermaking sludge can be effectively used to reduce pollution, it can also create profits.After strict and harmless treatment, the sludge can be used as agricultural fertilizer to save resources and promote agricultural development.The sludge treatment of paper mill is imperative. It can be treated by the method of energy saving, green and economic sludge gravity concentration, or by the method of agricultural fertilizer use after the sludge treatment that can create value.Either method can effectively reduce the re-pollution of the sludge, and even make the sludge harmless into useful fertilizer.


Papermaking enterprises have taken effective measures to treat their own waste water.However, it is also regrettable that a large amount of sludge produced by sewage treatment has not been treated.The sludge produced by paper mills, for example, is biosolids containing not only viruses, heavy metals, but also plant nutrients such as cellulose, which can be turned into fertilizer.If sludge can be treated well, it can be reused while reducing pollution.It is difficult to concentrate the sludge in the paper mill. Our company carries out the gravity concentration process of the primary sedimentation tank and the remaining activated sludge.This method can improve the sludge treatment rate, and this method is most in line with China's paper industry sludge treatment funding constraints.Compared with the traditional incineration process, this method is energy saving, environmental protection, low cost and good treatment effect.


Therefore, the paper industry water pollution control has become the focus of the whole society.With the increasingly strict environmental requirements, the treatment rate and treatment depth of wastewater in pulp and paper industry have been improved, followed by a sharp increase in sludge production.There are two methods to treat sludge in wastewater: one is to use the filter press to carry out landfill after dewatering;The other is to filter and air dry and then burn.


The paper sludge dewatering machine produced by our company have low operation cost, large capacity, strong corrosion resistance and low water content of filter cake.Filter out of sewage water, can achieve the effect of direct emissions, has several large paper mill put into operation at home, deeply customer high praise, our equipment in the paper the effect of mud filter made more and more paper chose us, such as a paper mill in guangdong (we can take you together to customer sewage treatment field inspection) many choose our belt type sludge dewatering equipment.



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