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Sand washing sewage sludge dewatering machine process

Date:2018-11-10 16:46:11

1. After sand washing, sewage flows to the mud tank ;

2. Sludge at the bottom of sedimentation is injected into the concentrator through slurry pump, and the upper water flows to the cleaning tank.(add drugs)

3. The sludge at the bottom of the concentrator will flow to the belt dehydrator for dehydration, and the top water will flow to the cleaning tank;

4. Dry mud of sludge dewatering machine  shall be transported to the dry storage yard by belt conveyor after being dehydrated;

5 The dehydrated water of sludge dewatering machine flows to the entrance of sewage water source;

6. Foreign transportation of dry mud vehicles in the dry storage yard;Reuse of clean water in the cleaning tank (for: net belt cleaning of the belt type dehydrator, water supply of the dissolving drug pool, sand washing and recycling);

7. This process is used for the sewage treatment of the sand washing plant, and the sludge is directly transported by car after treatment.

Treated water can be turned into clean water for reuse throughout the process.

8. This process is a zero pollution and zero emission standard.

9Sludge dewatering machine adjustment should be made according to different site treatment process layout.


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