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Using of Belt filter machine in mine tailings dehydrator

Date:2018-10-24 09:52:24

The belt filter machine we produced was professionally used in mine tailings,low operating cost,large treatment volume,throughput 100 m3/h.Strong corrosion resistance,the moisture content of the filter cake is low.Our machine has been put into operation in a number of large copper mines in China, received high praise from customers, The good efficiency on mine mud filer by our machine ,so there have more and more mining plants to choose us, they eliminated box filter press and plate filter press. For example, some mining industry in Yunnan, China (we can go there together to site insection of the sewage treatment ), which choose a number of mine sludge dewatering equipment,good operation effect.


Mine tailings dehydrator

Coal and Mineral waste, Dewatering and disposal

mine tailings sewage thickening and Dewatering

Wastewater recovery

Dewatering Chemicals configuration and Transportation system

Mine tailings sewage and mud

Automation system and control


Mine tailings dehydratorBelt filter machine


Main technical parameters of  Mine tailings dehydrator

  1. Model:DYQ3000WP12FZ

  2. Mud throughtput: 10-100  m3/h

  3. Belt width(mm):  1000-3000mm

  4. Power(kw): 10-25W

  5. Shape or Model dimensions (mm): length 5300 to 12000,width 19000 to 39000,height 24000,

    All sizes can be made on buyers request.


The moisture content is 20-35% after Meibangmine tailings dehydratorBelt filter machine

浓缩罐图 (11).jpg


1.,the filter cake can be packed and easy transportion,the clear water can be recycled using.

浓缩罐图 (8).jpg

Mine tailings dehydratorBelt filter machine specialized in mine tailing dewatering, large treatment volume,continuous operation,low cost,the moisture content of the filter cake is low,easy management and simple maintenance and so on .Especially considering that the sludge of copper mine is thicker before treatment, the fluidity small, the specific gravity is larger and the intensity of filter press is higher, the design of the special belt filter for copper mine is much different than the ordinary type. We are willing to design the most scientific dehydration treatment plan  with you according to your site.


Welcome to visit our factory.

We have different dewatering cases in many provinces,welcome  to visit our factory ,lets’ design a sludge dewatering programme which fit for your mine plant


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